Scam or fraud: fake product delivered

Submitted by: Lokesh Kumar

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I purchased 6 shirts from worth Rs. on I returned 4 out of 6 shirts. Amount of 2 shirts worth Rs. 494/ and Rs. has been refunded. I returned other 2 shirts worth Rs. and Rs. 479/-(Total – 494+479=973/-) for replacement. But they told me that the shirts has not passed our quality check and your shirts would be returned to you without any replacement. They returned me the shirts but those shirts are totally of different colour and brands what I returned them for replacement. So they have cheated me by sending shirts of different colour and brand. I have also written to

but Problem has not been resolved even after 2 months. But n

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Dt. 9th Nov 2016

Item: Highlander Navy Casuals Slim Fit Shirt NA .

Item: Highlander Multi Casuals Slim Fit Shirt NA :