Scam or fraud: Epf Vapi Field Office — regarding bribe taken by epf field office even online process also

Submitted by:  mac30101995

Complaint Details:
Here I applied for online pf withdrawal but some of epf vapi field office reject my online application. I got call through one theire agent who are in my company says ur not submitted online properly, So submit it again and give 2000 rupees for this application. I laughed and gave him 2000 rupees next day I see the status claim sattled. Even my companies many emplyee suffering from this kind of bribe
Modiji says any person withdraw pf in 3 days but this kind of ppl making them wrong
If some ppl not able to paid bribe then they reject again and again and sometimes they are not responding more than one month
Pls see the pain of retired person, they are suffering from this problem
Right now I’m not disclose that person name but if they are not following their duty then I’ll disclose all person name.
So pls take action on this matter seriously this so painfully to all retired ppl to tackle