Scam or fraud: Employee’s Providents Fund Organisation [Epfo] — descrepancies in the epfo balance

Submitted by: syed_fareed

Complaint Details:

Respected Sir/Madam,

Since couple of years, I have been monitoring my EPF monthly balance. When I checked my EPF balance on 18th Jun, 2018 I found following discrepancies and would like to bring it to your attention for clarification.

– Till end of May’2018 the total available balance was Rs 13, 62, 090 (Employee Share + Employer Share )
– The amount credit in Jun’2018 is Rs 11, 294, so the total available balance should show as Rs 1, 373, 384
– The total available balance show in the passbook and on portal is Rs 13, 64, 122. There is a difference of Rs 9, 262

My Details:
Name: Syed Fareed
PF Acc #: PYKRP[protected]