Scam or fraud: — Poor Policies and no control over sellers!

Submitted by: diff_2013

Complaint Details: seems to be very poor in its policies and control towards its sellers.
e.g. seller musicprodistribution on ebay. I have written several mails to this seller thru ebay online mail, but despite 5 -6 days, the seller has not replied to any.

When I asked ebay to follow-up they did not commit anything.

Furthermore I find that the same item has very large variation in price on ebay. One is available for 500 Rs and same item by another seller for 700 Rs. When I asked ebay to have some fair pricing policy, I got a cold reply that it’s seller who decides the price based on its profit margin.

I am glad that in last 10 years I have made only 5 purchases from ebay and chances are very very less that I shall even make any further purchase from this site ever again.