Scam or fraud: DTDC Courier & Cargo — unethical behaviour

Submitted by: Md Sharique Shahab

Complaint Details:

This complaint is about DTDC Delivery, Muzaffarpur, Bihar.

I got a call from DTDC office, Muzaffarpur, Bihar, that my shipment is arrived and due to heavy load, you have to come to take your package from delivery office itself otherwise it will delivered after one week.

I find this behaviour completely unethical, how could anyone say thing like this. I have paid all the charges for the delivery and you know what, the shipment is ?, it is the book what I need in my upcoming exams. The guy at delivery centre does not know the importance of time in the life on an student. DTDC should be ashamed of itself of making such kind of argument.

If they don’t deliver it at right time then I have to reorder new one through other shipping service, because it is costing me time.

Really disappointing !!