Scam or fraud: Dishtv — mislead – upgrade my package with wrong commitment over phone and we lost our existing preferred terms

Submitted by: omtumpa

Complaint Details:
We refer several tele-conversation as their standard procedure on today, Aug 28 with DISH along with our feedback either in chat or email in thierr format; we expressed extreme unhappiness for toady’s incidence. At present we felt cheated by DISH TV.
Today afternoon at 13:54 Hrs in RMN their representative informed about inclusion of 14 HD channels to my present package @659/- p.m (recharged for 12 months plus 2 months additional as extra benefit on 16/08/2018). Inquiring about the reason, they explained that this has been an offer on FOC with my existing terms of next switch off date in my present offer. And that has been attributed to us as old customers.
We reconfirmed, that there should not be any change in my present package contents and terms specially in switch off date. After having their assurance over phone, we asked to go ahead. Immediately we received mail confirmation about up gradation of my package and the same in My DISHTV account.
My next recharge amount became Rs 730 against 659/pm with switch of date Sep 2, 2010 which has been 60 days less than my existing package.
Subsequently we talked with them and requested to change to my old package with same terms. The call times by your representative from several number to my RMN were 14:11 hrs, 14:25 hrs, 15:29 hrs and lastly 17:12 hrs.
We astonished, knowing that any further change demand from us will loss the additional benefit, like extra 60 days switch-off date which we took for annual recharge on 16/08/2018.
We spend almost 3 hours in week days today and further till resolution, loosing focus on our professional activities and creating imbalance in family life. By summing up the total incidences, this has been a clear case of cheating to their customer by false marketing. This is a legal punishable offence and we demand quick resolution with appropriate compensation from DISH TV.