Scam or fraud: Delhi Transport Corporation [DTC] — I’m complaining about the rudeness of ticket checker.

Submitted by:  _chanchalmishra

Complaint Details:

I am a student of MSIT Janakpuri. I travel from moolchand to my college daily. I have a bus pass regarding that. But today I forgot it and boarded 874 from Andrews ganj. As I am not habitual of ticket taking due to the pass(which I don’t do while traveling on AC bus), I hadn’t any idea. Ticket checking people boarded the bus at Andrews ganj and they fined me midway between the very next stop i.e. south ex. I was ready to take the ticket as not a single stop has passed. I always buy ticket(i have each and every ticket saved with me till now) butn’t they listen to my query today. Why were they so rude? Even one ticket checker left me saying you may take the ticket now but the other one rudely snatched 200 note.

Humble request to please make these ticket Checking people make aware that all aren’t the same.