Scam or fraud: Credit Card Fraud

Submitted by: Biji R S

Complaint Details:
DEAR SIR I got a call from the numbers from and

and I was told they are from Citibank. They said since I have not been using the card they are offering some gifts and and they spoke to me with all details and asked for some details. Then said there is a gift voucher and my rewards points would be redeemed on my card. I would get the points in my card by Jan 10th.

I was charged for this of Rs.

and said it will appear from a agency called Sai Infotech since they are paying for the reward points and this amount will initially appear in my statement but will go away

I was also given the names of helpdesk agents Vanya Sharma and Ashi and said

is the helpline number helpline number for Citibank credit card

I can call anytime on this number and check for details

They sent some gift yesterday as well.

I called on the number given and was told the amount would be removed from my statement but that was not done

Yesterday i received some gifts from them (though not sure)

I have written to Citibank on the same day and have also asked them to stop my card. But Citibank has told they cannot do anything for the charges and i should log a complaint. My card number is ending with 4xxxxxxxxxxx4812. I think the place is in Bangalore only. Please track this and request you to take action and help me in recovering the money