Scam or fraud: Country Holidays Inn Suites — fake promises to sell the membership, id chisdls774453

Submitted by:  gauravpriyabhutani

Complaint Details:

MR. Raunit, Venue manager of this company sold the membership with fake promises to me with membership id chisdls774453.At the time of membership they told that i can avail 3 room per day for any trip. When i tried to book the trip to udaipur, they are denying to book 3 room as they said you cant book 3 room because you have owned a membership only for 1 room.i purchase this only in terms that they will provide 3 rooms everytime when we go for vacation with family, now they denying the statement. actually they denied all the things said at the time presentation. i have paid 140000 for this membership with amc extra. almost 250000 for nothing.I need to cancel the memership without availing any single trip.

Please cancel my membership asap and refund the full amount.

I got below email from them:

Dear Member,

Greeting for the day!!!

Would like to apologies for the inconvenience caused to you.

We cannot proceed your booking as per 03 rooms that you have been asked as your membership allows booking for 2 adults and 2 kids below 6 years and one room can be provided

Kindly share the details of the person as per one room so that we can proceed further.

Requesting you to confirm us as soon as possible might be possible that property option sold out.