Scam or fraud: Corporation Bank — atm located in the outgate of sastri bhavan, nungambakkam, chennai

Submitted by:  Indiraraman1963

Complaint Details:
I have an A/c in ICICI Bank and I used the Debit Card for cash withdrawal. ON 18.06.2018, I withdrew an amount of Rs.5000 from the ATM which is located near the outgate of Sastri Bhavan, Nungambakkam. Yes I withdrew the amount of Rs.5000/- (Rs.2000 note (2 Nos) and Rs.100 note (10 Nos.). I was shocked to see the 2000 note which were fake and in tore condition. I could not change the note and could not use both the 2000 Rupees notes. No shops, even in Post Office not accepted the note. My question is how the Banker can keep the fake notes in ATM machine? Before keeping the money in ATM machines, why they have not checked whether the currencies are in usable condition. As it was an emergency situation and I badly needed the money, I ran to ATM. But due to negligence and irresponsible officers of the Bank, I suffered and I could not use the cash. How the lay man can handle this situation and who is responsible for this?