Scam or fraud: Central Board Of Secondary Education [CBSE] — cheking

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Complaint Details:
Dear sir,
I would like to draw your attention towards the marks which I got in biology, biotechnology and chemistry.
They are my strength subjects… And as I got my result it’s was shocking for me… As it was quite unexpected to get such low marks. Biology- expected:90+ ; got:74. Biotech- expected:85+ ; got:60. Chemistry- expected:85+ ; got:77. It is my humblest request to the concerned authorities to not only re check the marks but also re check my answers… Because I was fully confident on getting the expected marks and there might be some error in checking my paper. Name: Anubhav Mandal
Roll no. : 6624398
School code:08410
Centre code:6216.
Further I would like to say to make the proceedings as soon as possible as we all know that the college admissions would be closing very soon
Thanking you,
Anubhav Mandal