Scam or fraud: Byju’s — non disclosure of cancellation policy of byju’s learning app tablet

Submitted by: Preeti Jindal

Complaint Details:

We took Byjus’s Learning App Tablet for my son on a trial plan after being convinced by their marketing executive. Mr. Sudhanshu (marketing representative of Byju’s) told us about the product, initially we were not sure about the suitability of product but he convinced us to take the trial plan for 15 days and then make up our mind. He got the required forms signed & assured us that nothing will be done till we confirm. He didn’t mention that we have to inform regarding cancellation within those 15 days.

We received a welcome call but here also the executive didn’t mention about the clause period of 15 days. When we told him that we have not finally accepted the product but has just taken it on trial period then he told us to inform 10-15 days prior to the presentation of the installment (i.e. 2 oct) in order to get the payment stopped from capital float (financial partner for BYJU’S)

We received the product on 23 Aug’18(date confirmed by them) and after trying it we found that it is not suitable for our son. We decided not to continue with the product. We informed the Byju’s team on 12 sept’18., well in advance as per their stated time (10-15 days prior to presentation of installment). They told us that they will get back to us. No communication happened from their side. We wrote them a mail stating the same on 16 sept’18. After repeated reminders they told us that because we informed after the trial period, they can’t cancel the product & we have to continue with the same.

We didn’t receive communication from their side (neither any physical mail nor any email) mentioning the details about the product or trial period. We had no clue that we were supposed to inform them within period of 15 days regarding the cancellation. It was a clear case of misselling where customer was kept in dark regarding cancellation process & policy. Now we are getting collection calls from capital float & their rude behaviour & no. of calls are harassing us.

They are not taking responsibility for the misselling & refusing to cancel the product. We don’t want to continue but they are forcing the product on us. Despite of repeated informing they are not collecting their tablet. We are suffering a lot due to all this harassment.