Scam or fraud: BMW India — regarding crack in the tyres

Submitted by: Dharmesh Kothari 121

Complaint Details:

I own bmw X1 series. I purchased this vehicle brand new from the dealer in ahmedabad. I noticed that 3 tires had a crack in the center full circumference. These both the tires are in front side and back side. I have already changed those tyres from my own pocket as these BMW Service guys has refused to do it.

I have regularly checked the pressure of the tires as required during my every diesel fill at the petrol station. My car has remained under a protected garage at home and also at my office. I really need to know that how these tires have a crack dead center all through out? Iam confirmed that these are Manufacturing Defect.. I spoke with Ms. July and she also confirmed that this has happened to other customers in india.