Scam or fraud: BMW India — libra autohaus poor services for bmw x1 !

Submitted by: vipin.goel

Complaint Details:

I would like to bring to your attention the unprofessional handling, delays and failure to provide satisfactory services for my BMW X1 vehicle by Libra autohaus service center in Mayapuri, Delhi.

In the recent rains in Gurgaon there was waterlogging on the road and BMW engine stopped working. Water entered inside the cabin and filled below the seats area wetting the whole carpet. I had sent the vehicle for drying carpet.

First, Arshad had given me the estimate of 2 days for the work and despite my follow-up didn’t provide the estimate of the cost even after 2 days. Later every day they kept asking me to extend by day or two by giving some reason or the other. Every day I got the feeling that they didn’t know the job and as they were opening the carpet and form were experimenting on how to dry the same. Seems the service folks are complete novice and has no knowledge of BMW vehicles they are just experimenting with such premium and costly machines at the cost and risk of owner.

Later after 5 days they said they are ready to deliver the vehicle on doing detail digging on the phone they said though the carpet is little moist it should be ok. I then asked them to take more time and deliver only fully dried vehicle they took another 4 days and confirmed all is well and when I received the vehicle today, I was shocked to see that carpet was not dried, not even moist it is actually wet. The driver who came along confirmed to Arshad the same. When I asked what should I do, they just insisted on making the payment with no concern on completion of service, quality of service or what form and shape vehicle is delivered to me.

I have made the payment; however, I am left shocked, displeased, frustrated and left fuming. BMW experience severely graded down in my mind. This is most shocking service experience I got from all vehicles I have ever had.

I request BMW to take this seriously and thoroughly audit the capability of Libra Autohaus to service BMW vehicles satisfactorily and not have multiple such and repeated experiences delivered to their customers. This may take severe beating on the premium image of BMW.