Scam or fraud: Blue Dart Express — Repeated undelivered shipment

Submitted by:  siandpipwilson

Complaint Details:
I am currently still waiting for 2 parcels being delivered by blue dart. The first was shipped on 8/12/16 and has since been lost after failing to be delivered. The company have given up with blue dart and will use a different company to deliver at their own personal cost.

The second parcel was returned to sender after initially being shipped on 8/12/16 also. It is now in Lucknow but the driver is not answering his phone and the office will tell me nothing more than it is out for delivery.

Every other company that has delivered to us in the last 3 weeks (and there are many) has had no problems with delivery. Our children are waiting for their winter school uniforms and I am waiting for a present.

We are very very upset about this company’s service.