Scam or fraud: Beam Telecom / ACT — service is not activated even after payment is done

Submitted by:  Pavithra_s

Complaint Details:


I live in rajakilpakkam, East tambaram. I have requested for ACT Fibernet connection and provided all documents, and PAYMENT for ACT Blaze plan (amount of 6 months) on 1st May 2018. I have been told that engineers will activate my service in 24hours. The engineer who contacted me on 2nd told that junction box needs to be kept in my home and will send another engineer next day. I was contacted by another engineer on 3rd May who told he’ll come by afternoon 2:30 but did not come even after calling him numerous times. He finally came by in the evening to only repeat the same thing the engineer said on the previous day. I have tried informing my situation to customer service a couple of times only to be told that they will escalate and complete the activation.
Again today i was told engineer will come by 10:30 in the morning but no one turned up. If this is going to be the case, then it’s better if i disconnect the service now itself.
Kindly let me know how to disconnect and provide the money back to me.

Please reply soon.