Scam or fraud: Beam Telecom / Act — no internet for the past 6 days

Submitted by: Sanjana012

Complaint Details:


I have had no internet for the past 6 days (and I stay in Ulsoor, Bangalore, where you have a lot of connections!!) and I’d raised a complaint on the 16th of Oct (Tuesday morning). I’ve been calling your call center every day and, apart from the phrases, we’ll get back to you (which you never did) and we’ll fix the issue (which was never done), nothing has been done. I’ve now asked for the refund and now you tell me that the account needs to be disconnected, which would take 3 more days (it took you a few mins to activate my account). Post the disconnection, I’d be refunded the amount (which I’ve paid for a full year in advance) after 15 more days. Why are you holding out on my money, when you can’t provide the service? I don’t want any more excuses, just process my refund.