Scam or fraud: Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation [BMTC] — stop not given by the conductor

Submitted by: starcreator

Complaint Details:
I was travelling from hosaroad to chandapura. It was raining a lot. I was asked to get down by bus before chandapura flyover by the conductor. The conductor refused my request to go to chandapura stop. I even asked the conductor to provide his ID number but he refused to give and also warned me that he will throw me out of the bus if not got down. All this incident took place exactly at 6.53pm on 14/09/2018. The bus number is KA 01 FA 1894. please check the police CCTV which is in chandapura circle whether the bus is really gone to chandapura bus stop for your reference. As I’m a student I was travelling using my BMTC issued Year pass.