Scam or fraud: Bajaj Finserv — Sony led t.V/ecs has been depositing monthly 3 to 5 times

Submitted by: omkarswrp116

Complaint Details:
Dear sir…

My name is a.Omkar swaroop .I’m from kurnool moblile no:9052212293. I had taken a sony led t.V on 06-02-2016 which is 50, 500/- . I started my emi on 02-04-2016.The bajaj finserv people had taken the emi through ecs on every month 2nd . But the bajaj finserv people had depositing the ecs every month 3 to 5 times since my first emi. As per rbi rule any finance company has to deposite only once which they taken date.But bajaj finserv people depositing 3 to 5 times in every month. For each bounce i’m paying 862/-. So many times ask the bajaj finserv people why u depositing 3 to 5 times? they are not answering to me. From april to November only ecs bounce charges i paid nearly 14, 500/-. In this month they deposite 9 times till 26th December. The bajaj people said 0% emi while taking at the time of product. But the bounce charges will it almost 20% intrest per emi. Like me so many people are suffering .So kindly look into this complaint and please refund the amount from your side.Sf deal i.D : sf 32158410