Scam or fraud: Bajaj Finance — Bajaj Finance Emi Card

Submitted by:  krarun10

Complaint Details:
This is Arun Kumar customer id 10227652, mobile number 9441583633.

I have been charged for Rs 99 from my bank account as annual fees for EMI Card issued issued by Bajaj Finance in Nov 2013.

I have already complained that i have never received any card, so block the card ASAP. Bajaj Finance didn’t block the card nor re-issued and later increased card limit.

Now Bajaj Finance charged annual fees from my BANK ACCOUNT. Which is not acceptable and they are not authorized to make any transaction from my bank account without approval.

Please revert this amount with in within my bank account and als close EMI CARD ASAP.

It looks like high level FRAUD done by Bajaj Finance and they are accumulating Millions of rupees without spending anything.