Scam or fraud: B.e.s.t. Undertaking — heavy bills on unjustified grounds with no supportive documents and proofs

Submitted by: rameesh718

Complaint Details:

Consumer no.[protected]

We have lodged a complaint against BEST UNDERTAKING, COLABA, MUMBAI 400001 regarding their strange way of calculation causing heavy unjustified bill for the last month amounting Rs 6250=00.

They replied just telling in air that billed amount is OK.
Why? Why such a blank and vague answer without attaching any documentary support and they want us to believe us too just because they have said iHENCt. Even the supreme court when justifies any verdict, they have to add the needed documents to prove the truth of their verdict.
HENCE MY GRIEVANCE AGAINST BEST blank vague reply stands as follows-
Your reply regretfully is far from any satisfaction and is sent without any documentary support. Why?
You said – Same found to be charged as per tariff schedule in force.
If this is true, why did not you attach the your claimed true tariff in force chart but instead blindly told that the charges were correct whereas we have sent you the tariff rate list as per your declared chart only? Send now your such a claimed so called true tariff schedule in force chart, specific chart without any more bearing about the bush if you really think your claim is true for no overcharged bill as grievance by us.
Your second claim too is just flimsy without any support as not attached by you.
You said – In case of public holidays, the meter reading date gets preponed as per some Guidelines for billing (Intervals for Billing & Presentation of Bill) are specified at Clause 15.1of MERC etc..
Here too, no attachment was sent for such MERC rules to prove what you claimed to justify your postponed meter reading. Send us the PDF copy of such rules if at all such rules exist which are evidently against public interest. – R K AGARWAL