Scam or fraud: Avr Swarna Mahal — poor quality & cheating customers

Submitted by: shivak_8386

Complaint Details:

I had bought a diamond ring from AVR. In just 2 months, one diamond fell off. I had to repair it at my cost as the folks in AVR never agree to customer’s point. After another 2 months, another diamond fell off (a different one this time). Now, i was completely convinced that the make of the jewellery is faulty. Again, AVR did not accept it. While i returned the jewellery and took back the money based on valuation. I realized they also cheat the customers.

When you buy an item. they charge you for gross weight of the item (which includes diamond weight) This gross weight is multiplied with gold rate on that day. (Diamond value is separately billed). But when we return the jewellery to them, then during valuation, they do not consider diamond weight.
They have different rules when they sell and when they take back the jewllery from you. Also, they charge additional 4% if you are taking cash and not exchange.

Plus they make you wait for days to transfer money to your account after you return the jewellery item to them.

Never go for AVR.

1. Return and Refund policy is not customer oriented, but profit oriented to AVR

2. They do not deliver you the item untill your cheque gets cleared, but when you sell you jewellery back to them, they make you wait for days to transact the amount to your account.

3. High wastage and making compared to other competitiors

4. Incompetent and non cooperative managers in bangalore branch

5. High repair charges

6. Poor quality of jewellery. Diamonds fall off the jewellery like peanuts falling off from your hand

7. You have to pay gold rate for weight of stones. Note that stones are charged in different itemization anyway. But when you return the item to get refund, they do not consider gross weight. They only give you gold weight. Pure Robbery!!!