Scam or fraud: Apollo Munich Health Insurance — Did not refund the entire payment amount..!!!

Submitted by:  bhsk_08

Complaint Details:
I applied for health insurance through policy bazar. Application number was B111503134 and the case id was 2651928. I paid slightly more than 14k (HDFC Bank transfer). But I was refunded 11k. So company has deducted around 3k. Tried to followup with them to know what was the reason of deducting 3k. Did not get any specific answer but the probable answer was that the deduction was related to required blood tests.

Here I am not complaining regarding the cancellation of the Insurance but the refund money which was 3k less than the amount I paid.

The funny part is, when I asked them the details of my lab test that they have arranged they could not provide me the details. The truth is, I did the tests on my own expense and provided them the result. The same payment copy was provided to them too but still they did not respond back. So I look at it as a case of cheating.

They claim that they have arranged the test but when challenged they are unable to furnish the details whereas I have provided the bill copy and even then they are not accepting the same.

What a shame!!!

Looking forward a suitable response and refund of my remaining 3k.