Scam or fraud: Air India — Ill Treatment and Irresponsible behaviour

Submitted by: Purushothaman Nandagopalan

Complaint Details:
Dear Air India Vigilance Committee,
This mail is to bring your kind attention regarding the irresponsible treatment given to me while traveling through Air India. I would like to brief my experience here in the mail. Here I am jotting down the few subjugations that faced during the last flight.

Because of the AI fault, I missed my two days of University attendance and faced many stressful situations, Tiresome travel.

My Frequent Flyer number: 140077496

1. I called customer care on 11th of December regarding my baggage where they mentioned that I could carry 40 Kg of check in luggage (Since I am a student). When I tried to checked in from Chennai Airport for the Flight AI 539 on 13th of December, I was made to run from Check in counter to Duty Manager Office more than 3 times for carrying the luggage mentioned.
It took around more than 45 minutes to resolve and while checking in I submitted two bags out of which in ticket he (might) put is as single luggage. But I do possess the tags for two check-in baggage.

2. Flight AI 539 got delayed, and I missed my connection flight from Delhi to Seoul (ICN). Around morning 3 A.M I was given ASIANA AIRLINES ticket (booked by Air India Executives, in Delhi International Terminal ) scheduled on 14th December to travel. I was given a nice hotel to stay for, and I had a sigh of relief. Later, in that particular ticket, I noticed that they mentioned as only one baggage where I faced the problem.

On the time of Check in, I requested duty manager to check the ticket for carrying my two pieces of luggage. He refused to do so and redirected me to inquire in the ticket counter. And while I asked the ticket counter, they redirected me to Duty Manager. This process was repeated, and an executive from Air India was also tried to sort the problem out but in vain.My scheduled Asiana Flight was at 20:20 where I was made rambled from counter to Gate G. No one heard my plea.

After I had raised my voice in the counter, I was given a new ticket on the next day to travel (booked by the executives from the same ticket counter in AI 310 flight, Departure on 15th December 2016).
All the times above mentioned, there was no mistake incurred by me. But, when I demanded the accommodation at the time of booking they said that they would provide later they refused to do so. They asked me to stay in the airport for the whole day without showing any responsibilities. They never allowed me to talk to any of the higher authorities.
Few conversations between the executives(including Duty manager) and I are below.

Me: Sir, this is not my fault. I don’t have money to stay
AI Executives: It’s not our problem

Me: Sir, Please do the needful. I am suffering a lot because of this. Should I suffer because of the Air India mistake?
Duty Manager: (Thrown my Ticket) DO whatever You want to. We told you the things.

As proof, I request you to kindly check the CCTV cameras from the time of arrival to the airport and the incidents happened till I left the Airport.
Secondly, one of the duty managers asked whether I want milk (might be humanitarian approach). Had they not committed the mistake why they are demanding such things?
Personally, they requested CISF people, who guarded the visitor’s room for me to have a stay.

I had stressful travel throughout. No compensation from Air India or an apology was sought.

It took me three days to write the things after thinking whether to write or not.

I just want you to inquire into this and do take actions or mail the steps you have taken against the irresponsible executives.

Purushothaman Nandagopalan,