Scam or fraud: Advanced Hair Studio — hair cosmetic skin

Submitted by: Suji8592

Complaint Details:
Hi, this is Sai and I have been a part of Advance hair studio, Chennai.I am currently a cosmetic client and I have been a part of their services since 2013. Earlier this year, I have ordered for four skins(hair lace energy )from the company and they had told me that the skins will arrive in 4 months.I ordered and purchased my skins in the month of March which means the skins should have arrived by July.
It has almost been 8 months now and I have still not received my cosmetic skins.The reasons that they stated were
1.The hair manufacturing company lab got burnt and
2.There has been some skin checking going on in spite of me requesting them I had no back up skins
On repeatedly requesting them, they were procrastinating to an extent that I decided to initiate a refund from my end.Now, the point to be understood very clearly is that they don’t refund your skins and they convince to retain you even when you become a victim of the services that they offer. The company Head office personnel never contacted me until now and they reinstate only one thing saying “We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused and the delay “and they expect the client to understand and compromise.
Also, I paid the entire amount for the cosmetic, they told me that the skins cannot be refunded and have convinced me to still use their services.So, kindly pay scrupulous detail to their terms and conditions before leveraging onto their platform for cosmetic and hair transplant.I have been struggling with only one spare skin in hand now that I am currently using and I have no back up skins. I have initiated a refund from my end but they strongly disagreed for a refund .
Just imagine as a client, you pay the entire amount of Rs.4 lakhs for a cosmetic skin and a company is literally retaining your hard owned money by just giving false, lame and incredulous excuses by manipulating you and delaying things up by consuming your time and energy.
I have also received a generic skin (somebody else’s skin or other company’s skin )and they convinced me stating that it is my own customised skin, until I found out with a little bit of knowledge that I had that the skin did not match my scalp measurements and ended up returning the skins to them while I was undergoing my fitting.
In the next review I will also provide further details of my laser treatment that I underwent in 2013 and how I have been a victim of the treatment.I have a bill receipt as a proof to provide the clients with more information about their products and services.On a good note, I can only tell the clients who are investing their financial resources only one thing that “Never judge a book by its cover “and that think twice before you invest your valuable money.You can reach me at for any future query.