Scam or fraud: Accenture India — Relieving letter not received from the past 3 months

Submitted by: Cleret Noronha

Complaint Details:
I had joined accenture on the 09th march 2016 and left the company on 30/09/2016. As per my notice period since i was in probation was suppose to serve for 1 month time which i did.
However, i was communicated by the hr that my relieving letter will come via mail to me from bangalore and a feedback session will be conducted by the hr from there.
However till today the 27th dec 2016, i am still awaiting my relieving letter and the hr just gives me an ans that the case manager is looking into it. Its been 3 months now.

Posting this here, as i hope i will be getting some favourable reponse.
Never expected a company like accenture to do like this