Scam or fraud: Aakash Institute — amount debited but still no confirmation from aakash

Submitted by: iamtuhin

Complaint Details:

Dir Sir/Mam,
I am Tuhin Chakraborty from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. I applied for the course name AIATS (2019) offline in English on 20/08/2018 in Aakash Institute, and for that your Counselor whose name is Lakshay Sachdeva assisted me and said that he will send me a link which will be valid for 1 hour only and he also said that if I pay the amount on that day I will get 10% discount too for my course, I paid the amount on the same day but I didn’t get any voucher and didn’t get any payment confirmation slip as a proof of my enrollment. I called him again and he said that the amount is not showing in the system so wait till tomorrow. I waited and called the Bank next day and Bank replied me that the payment was successful and the aakash institute already got the amount. I emailed him he said that he would come to Office and he will send me the payment voucher I have called Aakash Institute on that day (21/08/2018) too and one counselor of Aakash said that in system it’s showing the status “Paid” I email Lakshay Sachdeva again he said that he will go to office check with the account department and he call me back soon but he didn’t so I called Aakash again after evening and one counselor said that Lakshay sir didn’t came to office she called him and he said her to tell me that Lakshay sir come on 22/08/2018 and he will send me the payment voucher and username and password. The next he didn’t call me so I called Aakash after 2 pm he picked up the call and said that he will send me the payment confirmation mail and other information by evening but He didn’t send anything. Now Today on 23/08/2018 I called Aakash again and He is saying now that Aakash didn’t get the money even though bank said Aakash already got the money. The amount got deducted on Monday (20/08/2018) but why I didn’t get any voucher till now? I have applied for that same course from last 2 years I have paid the amount online last year too but got the payment voucher right away, they why is this happening? I also have all the voice recording of Aakash institute from Monday 20/08/2018 and also I have the bank statement and voice recording from the bank and also I have all the emails from Lakshay Sachdeva. I have called the bank even today 30/08/2018 it’s 10 days from the payment was made they said that beneficiary has already got the money the amount was credited to their account on 23/08/2018 and told me to inform you to check your bank statement from 20/08/2018 to 30/08/2018 and please send me a copy of your bank statement if you can so they told me to bring their bank statement to my home branch and they will investigate the case again. My contact number is – [protected], email – and my payment gateway (PayU money) ref ID for that payment was – PG-[protected] (Which was provided to me by the Bank)

Please solve this issue and Thank you.

Yours Faithfully,
Tuhin Chakraborty