Scam or fraud: Idea Cellular — Irrelevant pressure

Submitted by:  sanguptazone

Complaint Details:
My number got port to Airtel and there was some bill generated by Idea. They sent just mail but no sms or call was done by them for payment as they were doing every month. But this time they made the call at 1:30 PM and told that make the payment else number will be disconnected by 2:00 PM for 3 months. I was looking for a day to make payment as i need to visit idea store but they were not ready and made back to back calls disturbing whole day. I regularly received call from 9891291584. They say that they are from Airtel but when i enquired at Airtel customer care then they mentioned that there is no such thing but you need to clear the Idea payment. I was very much keen for payment but just was looking for time to visit Idea store. The call from 9891291584 just try to do a mental harassment otherwise they should give time of at least one or 2 day to clear payments. They may call if still i am not doing it. These kind of activities shall really be stopped.

Scam or fraud: State Bank Of India [SBI] — Change Registered Phone Number

Submitted by:  Puspendra D. Das

Complaint Details:
I have lost my initial phone number linked to my SBI account. Please update it with the new one that I am providing.
For your information, I am unable to visit my home branch as I am staying very far from there and I don’t have net banking activated for the account.I tried to change it using ATMs but it never succeded. So Please Change it as I am unable to make any transactions online or via mobile banking.

So please update it ASAP.
Name- Puspendra Das
ac- 32572005250
old ph no-7896533223
new ph no- 8284854030

Scam or fraud: Apollo Pharmacy — Tiomate trans haler

Submitted by: mita1961

Complaint Details:
I have had cronic asthma since i was 6 years old born in 1961. I used to go through inhaler since my childhood and never had horrible experience that i faced recently.

On last monday i unpacked a new inhaler purchased from apollo pharmacy, jodhpur park, kolkata – 700068 under prescription of dr.Anupam de as preventive inhaler, particulars of that inhaler is given below. “tiomate trans haler, b.No.A16013mp, mfd.Apr.2016 exp.Mar 2018”
opening the inhaler i started puffing but to my utter surprise i found there is no medicine in it. It is pertinent to mention here that i have been using the same brand of inhaler over a numer of years and never encounterd this sort of situation.
Looking for your reasoned reply
mita sengupta
4/12 poddar nagar
kolkata – 700068
mobile no.8961857501

Scam or fraud: National Insurance Company — Renewal of medical policy

Submitted by:  mpaggarwal

Complaint Details:
Sir, my medical policy no 270707/48/15/8500002132, of national insurance through bank of India Nasik road in the name of M P AGGARWAL & MADHU AGGARWAL.

The same is due for renewal on 12th of Dec 2016.

I have bad experience to get it renewed on or before expiry date every year . in spite of my reminder to bank of india for renewal bank fails to renew it in time and always says shortage of man power or reminder from national insurance not received. Result is i have to suffer and run around to get it renewed in time

I request my above said medical policy to be renewed before 12th Dec 2016. I have sufficient balance in my a/c.

and also request to change the address as ” PRINCE TOWN ROYAL, F. NO. B/1–802, NIBM ANNEXE, UNDRI ROAD UNDRI, PUNE 411060 ( if needed address ID will be sent.),
Pls instruct the bank of india nasik road branh and national insurance nasik road to do the needful in time and inform.

M P AGGARWAL 9923182206

Scam or fraud: — Please deactivate my contact number

Submitted by: Parnika Shrivastava

Complaint Details:
I have registered for pest control service and have received sufficient calls for the same. Request you to please deactivate my number as it’s causing inconvenience as I am receiving so many calls which further disturbing my daily routine. I hope that you will understand my concern and will so find a ssolution for my problem. Request to act upon it asap.
Aditya Shrivastava

Scam or fraud: Onlineclues — London Looks Jeans not fitting, refund needed.

Submitted by:  Mannat.Thakur

Complaint Details:
London looks Jeans worth Rs 1499 that i have ordered from onlineclues were not fitting me and i called the customer care on the same date of delivery within an hour. The person on the phone gave me a complaint number and said that I will receive a call from them as soon as possible but I have still not received any call. It has been 3-4 days. I want my money back or those to be replaced with some other thing.

Scam or fraud: Toyota — Not satisfy with service given

Submitted by:  yed

Complaint Details:
I am the owner of toyota vios car. came to service my car at 40, 000 mileage. the guy who attend to me gave me list of what should be done for 40, 000 mileage. my car start to service and i sat to watch what is done. i noticed no alignment is done on my car. when i approach the guy and ask him why no alignment is done he told me that i didn’t want the alignment done. now what is the point of servicing a car when no alignment is done. he keep on insisting that i told him i do not want alignment done. all these while when i sent my car for service i don’t watch them service it. today i did
i encounter once when i came to toyota service center in sg ara penang. they charge me for car wash and vacuum. when they hand me the car i notice there is stil tissue on the floor mat. i asked the guy who hand over my vechile to me he only realised my car is not washed and vacuum.
this is very bad. you have been charged the service but it is NOT DONE AT ALL.

Scam or fraud: — No refund received

Submitted by:  Mahendrasing77

Complaint Details:
Sir, i have ordered for pume wallet on 27 oct 2016 with order id 16368260850.quality was low i returned it as i have returned without using it.but they havenot refunded me saying it failed in quality check.i want to ask give me video of quality check of before product despatched to me and after my returning.which parameters are used to quality check by are fooling and looting the people by selling bàd product.give me complaint number so i have registered it at consumer court.

Scam or fraud: PayTM — Recharge Pending but amount deducted

Submitted by:  Amith more

Complaint Details:
On Dec 1 2016 at 8:29 pm I have recharged a amount of 60 in my airtel number. The recharge is still processing and the amount has been deducted from my bank account. I want to cancel this recharge but there is no option of cancel order. I have mailed customer care of paytm but didn’t get any hopeful reply. My order no. is 2299452535. Please refund me the amount and cancel this order as I don’t want to do this transaction now. look into this because I am sending mails from last 2 days.

Scam or fraud: Club Mahindra Holidays — NO REFUND whatsoever once you decide to cancel Membership

Submitted by:  anoopwilson

Complaint Details:
HI. I joined Club mahindra 3 years ago. Even though I paid, a downpayment and 2 emis worth around Rs60000/-, due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to cancel the membership. I had sent a mail as well as placed a call to the Marketing Rep and he said he will take care of the issue.

Fast forward, 3 years. Now i have got a written statement from Club Mahindra that I need to pay around 60% of the total fees to get my refund of 60000/- That is, I need to pay another 5, 40, 000/- Rupees to get my 60, 000 back. My total package was around 10 lakhs. The worst part is I never used even 1 holiday from them.

So ladies and gentlemen, Be very careful about these crooks. Its my hard earned money which I spoilt in an emotional decision. To take my wife on holidays. I could have done without Mahindra Cheating me. I will never buy a Mahindra Product in my life. Keep my money. You deserve it. Not many companies can loot the public so smoothly.