Scam or fraud: Bank of Baroda — Exchange of old notes with new notes

Submitted by: [email protected]

Complaint Details:
Hi sir,

I m residence of dwarka and today i had gone to bank of baroda, plot no. 277, pocket – a2, sector-17 and i saw building owner sudhir kumar mobile number is 9810099511. Exchanging old notes with new notes in bulk quantity with the convenience of bank branch manager.

Please use the photage of cameras installed in the premises to verify the truth.

A copy of this has already been sent to rbi vigilance cell and pm office.

Scam or fraud: — Job Offer Scam

Submitted by:  jcfmaia911

Complaint Details:
I received several calls of seekcarrerz of the number 00914047895503 of a person who present her self, has Joseph Williams, to begin the process asked for a payment of EUR 530, that I made after I sent my CV, they sent my CV in a week after, with a slightly different model but with exactly the same information and including some errors in the writing. I got a call the next day and inform you that had arisen 3 opportunities in companies in Dubai Abu-Dhabi and Qatar offering very good remuneration and that to advance to the Skype interview with these companies needed to be made another payment of EUR 1405, with a different credit card, situation that raised suspicions and that’s why I asked for a document with what Joseph Williams was saying over the phone, he sent and have in my possession that I can provide. After reading I sent an email to make a counterproposal in which would pay twice that, 3000 euros when he was recruited by some of the companies that they indicate, not getting any reply, then went looking for more information and found all these complaints about the seekcarrerz, which unfortunately along mine, too. We must disclose this information so others don’t fall for these scams.

Scam or fraud: Axis Bank — Fraudulent bank accounts

Submitted by:  Santhosh Boobalan

Complaint Details:
I don’t have any account in Axis bank, but I am getting some sms on my mobile number stating with some axis bank account numbers and its effective balance amounts (usually we get this balances sms when we have account in any banks). So, it seems that some one created Axis bank account number using my mobile numbers (or using any of my documents too?). I would like to get rid from this problem. any suggestions ?

My mobile number : 9941260856

Scam or fraud: Reliance Communications — Sending statement for closed service and harassing with legal letters, messages and calls – ISSUE NOT RESOLVED

Submitted by:  KarthiR

Complaint Details:
Dear Sir,

This is regarding my Reliance Data: 9381593421 /Relationship :500008279493.

I took took this connection during month of Jan 2016 for Rs 1100 and reliance upgraded their services from 3G to 4G elite during Jun 2016 and asked me to get buy new dongle for Rs:1800 to continue their services, i had informed them that i cannot spend to my new dongle, hence asked to close the services if they cannot provide the services, during month of Jul 2016 net work signal was disconnected, again i called up to the customer care about closing the services they confirmed it will be closed and asked to pay the outstanding bill, so i paid for Aug 2016 without getting services from Reliance.

I thought the services has been closed, i wouldn’t get further statement since the services already disconnected but again they sent me statement for Oct 2016 without providing single, i had called up many times to the customer support and sent so many (15 times) emails for the clarification, so far i didn’t get single response from their end, only the bill payment and collection team asking me to make the payment for the unused services and now threatening that my profile has been sent to CIBIL, so far my career i have been maintaining good financial transaction, they didn’t provide the services but asking me to pay is unfair.

If reliance forwarded my profile for non payment for issue, kindly do not accept it, because if they had provided the services i would be happily cleared the payment.

Here the below mentioned legal letter that i have received from Reliance.

M/s. Reliance communications Ltd, # 6, Haddows Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai – 600006 (hereinafter referred to as “ our client”) have instructed us to issue the following notice:

Our client is engaged in the business of providing Telecommunication services to its subscribers. You had approached our client for availing the services provided by our client and on the basis of the information furnished by you and on execution of the requisite documents containing the terms and conditions, our client had issued you the mobile phone service by issuing a Reliance LTE bearing No.9381593421 with corresponding account No.500008279493

One of the important conditions specified by our client for providing the service was the payment of the bills raised by our client by the indicated date in the statement of account/bill in respect of the services availed by you. That towards the value of the services received by you from my client, you are liable to pay a sum of Rs.1639/- to our client. However, having availed the services, you have not paid the said amount to our client and thus the said amounts continue to remain due and outstanding from you to our client. Our client has provided the LTE services to you on the assurances given by you that the bills would be promptly paid by you in respect of the services availed and that on the basis of such representation our client was induced into providing the mobile phone services, in respect of which the bills have been raised by our client.

That your action of availing the services by misrepresentation and the fact that you have not paid the amounts due despite the various demands made by our client clearly discloses an intent on your part at the inception to defraud our client.

That your action of availing the services provided by our client on inducement by misrepresentation and your further action of non-payment of the said charges / dues payable to our client amounts to an offence of criminal breach of trust under Sections 415-E and 417 of Indian Penal Code.

Please take notice that if you do not pay the said sum of Rs.1639/ – to my client within three (3) days from the receipt of this notice, our client would be constrained to initiate appropriate legal proceedings, both civil and criminal against you by holding you responsible for the costs and consequences thereof.

We would appreciate an early closure of this account as soon as you receive this mail

You may contact,
a) Help desk Collection Support. Cont No: 09382510001 (Between 10.30AM – 5.00PM except Sundays)

Scam or fraud: — Harassment complaint

Submitted by:  vs2014

Complaint Details:
Mr. subramanian,

Greetings for the day, hope you are doing well,

My company is an legal agency for saudi arab british bank (sabb) and we received your file from them after they done a legal action in saudi, they requested us to do a ban on you by the influence and the authority which we have. kindly recheck your situation if you can repay saudi arab british
Bank (sabb) back or not, for the time being i will freeze any action from my side against you till you reply me if you interested in paying back or not.

Please note as per the banks policy that once a customer has left saudi all amounts outstanding become due immediately. if we do not received any reply from you it means that you are refusing to pay and we will initiate legal proceedings against you in saudi and in your country of residence to recover the outstanding resulting in forwarding the case to external agency in country, further we will be blacklisting your passport number and you will be liable to bear all legal fees and expenses incurred by us.

Meanwhile, please provide with us with your new contact numbers, so we can discuss further how you will be able to settle your case. your fast reply is highly appreciated, and any delay from your side will be taken as a refuse to pay.

Accountant no : 4568*7011

Thanks & regards,

Bipinjeo nadar

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Scam or fraud: Samsung India — Very poor service offered by mangalmurti enterprises, thane service center

Submitted by:  atulkborkar

Complaint Details:
I submitted my tab 3 for check up on 5 nov. No call received from service center regarding estimate to repair device. After 10 days of follow-up and multiple reminders to call back, they didn’t respond. I had called the landline of the service center and it is never available. You may check (022 25435588).
Today when i called the customer care and took the number of the store manager, and finally was able to speak with them.

After 10 days of follow-up, they are now saying that the montherboard is damaged and repair cost rs.9058/-. No one called to give an estimate of repair and take confirmation of repair.

How do i have an assurance that the motherboard is damaged when i had submitted the device to check battery and sim slot.

In my two calls to the customer care, they had suggested only damaged sim slot is ordered (Again without my confirmation) and delivered to the center.

Nazneen from the service center talks very arrogantly to the customers.

I had been a loyal samsung user, but this experience makes

Scam or fraud: India Post — I am complaining about sodepur post office staff arindom sarkar

Submitted by:  Swarup Chowdhury

Complaint Details:
I have booked a product from amazon they have choose Indian Post for delivery. But the Peon who delivered the product misbehaved over phone as well as with my wife. As per my knowledge my address is correct with enough information. But he just shown irritation and does not want to deliver to the address. Bad and abusive language, threat for future.

This is why we are not trusting Indian post rather than courier service Pvt.

Just pathetic Service.

Scam or fraud: / Way2Online Retail — Not received the order

Submitted by:  Waveflora

Complaint Details:
I’ve made three orders with order no. S801980417, S801980525 and S801980531 from site on 28th October 2016. The payment was done through netbanking. It has been a long time since the status of these orders are ‘IN PROCESS’ only. They claim to deliver within 8-10 business days but it has been far more than that.
I’ve even sent an email including the attachments to the support group of this site but got no response.

Scam or fraud: Paynimo / Techprocess Payment Services — Payment failure

Submitted by: Balutvl

Complaint Details:
I had tried to make an online payment to my debit card in favour of muthoot finiance on 16th novomber 2016 transaction ID being but the same was not successful but the amount of Rs.16528/- was debited from my bank account. However, going through the various terms and conditions I was pleased to know that the money shall be credited to the respective bank account .Please look into the matter. Thanks.
If you wish to contact me then you can reach me 9094844473
Bank details
City union bank
Tirunelveli 627002
A.c. no 500101010335424
Name: E.Rajalakshmi
Savings No XXXXXXXX24 debited with INR 16528.75 towards TO ECOM:00215507-PAYNIMO FINANCIAL SERV MUMBAI MHIN: on 16-NOV-2016.Avl Bal 28855.25

Scam or fraud: PayTM Mobile Solutions — Transaction done but credit not received

Submitted by:

Complaint Details:
Dear sir

My consumer number is 410016355937. I have paid my electricity bill for rs.580/- of oct 16 online on 4th nov. 16 through paytm this amount is debited from by axis bank account.

I have recharged by mobile no. 9890714316 through paytm for rs.101/- vide transaction id327699129 this amount is also debited from my axis bank account but mobile is not recharged.

Request urgent help

With regards
Leena gomkar